How To Store Truck Cap Outside – Best 7 Steps

Whenever you use a camper shell and don’t have enough space in your garage to store a truck cap, don’t worry, you can store it outside. So, how to store truck cap outside? It is surprising to find out that most homeowners with small garages keep their truck caps outside. Keeping them outside is not expensive.

How To Store Truck Cap Outside

How To Store Truck Cap Outside – You Should Be Know

How To Store Truck Cap Outside - You Should Be know

Step 1: Select A Perfect Place

Decide where you want to store your truck cap outside. Try to select an open space. Avoid storing where there are large and fragile plants.

Ideally, it would be best if you stored it in flat places. Try to store the cap somewhere near the garage, and it will be more convenient to re-install.

Step 2: Determine The Measurement

You need to measure your camper shell after determining the location. First, measure the length and width of the cap with a tape measure. Then measure the height up to the removable part of the cap. Remember or write down the information obtained.

Step 3: Manage Some Essentials


Now you need four poles to work. You can use any poles of wood, metal, or concrete. Make four poles 3 feet higher than the truck’s cap. An additional 3 feet will penetrate 1.5 feet deep into the ground. And lift the extra 1.5 feet cap.

Before placing the poles on the ground, drill a hole 0.5 feet higher than the height of the cap. And drill a hole according to the diameter of a bolt, Then install a  bolt of 5 inches length that hole. The cap will hang on these bolts through hooks.

Metal Bar

Metal Bar

You will need two metal bars at least 2 feet larger than the width of the cap. A 2×2 inch metal bar is strong enough to hold the weight of the truck cap. Then put a metal chain on both sides of the metal bar. You should attach the chain with the bar by welding or with a round hook. Then put a strong hook on the opposite end of the chain, which will carry all the weight.

Pieces Of Brick

Pieces Of Brick

You will need a few pieces of brick each time you remove and re-install the truck cap. We will discuss later why you will need it.

Step 4: Install The Pole

Install The Pole

Bring your car to the designated place. From then on, penetrate two poles on the ground on both sides with a width of more than half afoot. In the same way, leave the total pole less than 1 foot from the length of the total cap.

Make sure the pole is properly fastened and penetrates the ground. You need to use strong poles and durably install them.

Step 5: Removing The Truck Cap

Then untie all the bolts of the cap using the necessary tools of the car. Place it back in storage for later use. Truck caps usually weigh a lot more.

Usually, it takes a team of four people to lift the full cap using muscle power. But you can do this alone. That’s why You only need to be aware of the strategic plan.

Enter the vehicle once you have removed all the bolts. Lift the cap with one end of your neck. Then see how easily you can lift. Hold for a few seconds and place a piece of brick there. Now place the truck cap around the truck cap in the same manner.

Step 6: Lift The Truck Cap

Now carefully come down from the camper shell. And insert two metal bars into the space under the truck cap. And hang its hooks with the bolt attached to the pole. Once hung, remove the bricks. Then drive away from the place. The truck cap will hang nicely.

Step 7: Protection For Cap

The camper shell is usually made of a very tolerant material. That is, it is designed to withstand any weather. Even then, the truck cap should not be left out of the open. It can get damaged by plant leaves, rain, or snow.

So You should cover it. For protecting your car cap outside, it’s advisable to use a car cover. That will always protect your truck cap from any weather, such as rain, storm, and snow.

Cost Of Storing Truck Cap Outside

It doesn’t cost much to keep a truck cap outside. You can easily work with some tools at home. Nonetheless, you will be charged the following if you do not have the necessary equipment in-house.

A metal, concrete, or wooden pole costs about $15. That means your poll will cost only $60. It will cost you $40 for two metal bars with chains and hooks. Even if you include additional costs, the costs will not exceed $100.

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Ladder Mount For A Flag Pole

Storing truck caps or other large objects can be a pain. We recommend mounting them to a flag pole to make the process easier. Not only is this a great way to prevent the object from blowing away or getting damaged in the weather, but it’s also quite stable. Most stairs near most homes will do the trick! So, go ahead and easily store your truck cap or any other large object!

The Levitating Glamper Lander

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I hope now you know how to store truck cap outside. So, you’re thinking of camping this summer and wondering how to store your truck cap outside. Well, worry no more! Our blog has the answers you’re looking for. From the all-out beach camping fun of NJRE to the ladder mount for a flag pole, we’ve got you covered. So what are you waiting for? Please scroll down to read our blog and get inspired to hit the open road this summer.


What Kind Of Storage Solutions Do You Have For Readers?

Regarding storage solutions for truck caps, you have a few options to choose from. 1. You can hang your truck cap on the wall or ceiling using a hook or bracket. 2. You can store your truck cap in a basket or cabinet. 3. You can store your truck cap on the roof of your car. 4. You can also place the truck cap in a holder that attaches to your car’s windscreen.

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What Are The Best Ways To Remove A Camper From Your Truck?

There are a few ways to remove a camper from your truck quickly and easily.

Axle lift or RAM system: If you have the money to invest, you may want to consider purchasing an axle lift or RAM system to make the removal process easier. These systems allow you to raise and lower the camper using hydraulics and levers, making the job faster and more manageable.
J-hook: Another popular way to remove a camper from a truck is by using a J-hook. This device comprises two hooks that fit onto the camper’s tow hooks and can be used to pull the camper off of the truck in seconds.
Equipment trailer: If renting an equipment trailer is not an option or if you need help getting the camper off quickly, then you may want to consider calling a business or parking lot nearby to help you out. They may be able to rent or loan you an equipment trailer for the day, which would make the removal process much faster and easier.

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